‘Good Morning Britain' Presenter Susanna Reid Denies Being A Victim Of The ‘Strictly Come Dancing' Curse

‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter Susanna Reid has denied being a victim of the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ relationship curse, insisting that her time on the dance contest wasn’t a contributing factor to her love split.

Susanna, who split from long-term partner Dominic Cotton earlier this year, has also revealed that she’s still good pals with her former partner.

Susanna Reid

Speaking to the Mirror, the presenter was keen to emphasise that ‘Strictly’ had nothing to do with her split.

The presenter still speaks positively about her time on the contest, describing it as “an amazing sparkly ridiculous alternative reality planet I went on for a couple of months”.

The presenter left the BBC to ITV join ITV shortly after her stint on ‘Strictly’ and Susanna will start her new role on the rival channel on Monday 28 April.

Susanna will be joined by Charlotte Hawkins, Ben Shephard and Sean Fletcher.

The presenter has previously spoken about how her time on ‘Strictly’ has helped her to prepare for the new role, explaining: “When you have done 'Strictly' live on a Saturday night in front of millions, you’ll never be that nervous again”.

Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid

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