06/05/2014 10:04 BST | Updated 06/05/2014 10:59 BST

Sasquatch Spotted In Canada's British Columbia Mountains? (VIDEO)

Footage of a suspected Sasquatch – or Bigfoot – striding across a snowy mountain range has emerged.

Myles Lamont captured the footage while hiking in the Tantalus Range, north of Vancouver, two years ago.

Since posting it on YouTube on 25 April – under the title “Possible Sasquatch outside Squamish BC’ - it has been viewed more than half a million times.

The footage was shot in the Tantalus Range, north of Vancouver

Along with his post, Lamont writes: “We are not claiming this to be anything other than a strange encounter based on some of the reasons below.

“… The subject was clearly bipedal and was without snowshoes or a backpack and wearing all one coloured clothing. Movement over this kind of terrain in soft snow without snowshoes would have been very difficult and the distance traveled over the given time period would have been very fast for a human without proper snow travel gear.

“We have encountered bears on the approach to this summit in the past, this video is most definitely not showing a bear or any other wild animal.”

Myles Lamont and his party are convinced what they saw was not a bear

Despite Lamont’s insistence the animal was not a bear – and indeed his career as a wildlife biologist who is “very familiar” with black bears and grizzlies - Sasquatch expert Bill Miller disagrees.

Speaking to Canada’s Global News Network, Miller said: “I’m fairly confident from studying the video it’s a bear.


“The only reason it could be upright is because it’s on a slope.”

In his final comments under the post, Lamont allows: “Perhaps the most reasonable explanation for this video is a very ill prepared hiker, hiking up a difficult section of snowline as opposed to a much easier route, one who is very physically fit and able to cover ground in unusually quick fashion and must have had very large feet as we were breaking through snow crust in just our boots.”

A website named British Columbia Sasquatch Sightings claims the creature has a long history in the region - said to reach back 200 years.

It cites one report of a fur trader and his party being attacked by "hairy humanoids" who flung rocks at them in 1864.