BNP To Demonstrate Against Non-Existent Mosque Application In Hemel Hempstead

BNP To Demonstrate Against Non-Existent Mosque

The British National Party are planning to demonstrate against a non-existent mosque.

The far-right group are outraged that the site of a former church may, or may not, house a new Muslim house of worship.

Pre-application plans originally suggested the church could be converted, according to reports, but Dacorum Borough Council has confirmed to Hemel Today that no formal applications for a mosque have actually been submitted.

Regardless, the BNP have announced a protest will be taking place on Saturday, May 10.

The Facebook page for the event states:

All True Nationalists and anti Islam groups to stand together to oppose the progressive Islamification of Britain and THE WORLD around us, this is a BNP Demonstration all groups and movements welcome, no hijackers no drunks, this event will be marshalled, if you will stand with US We will Stand With YOU.

The Facebook page also includes charming posts including this:

And this:

Toni-Marie Picton has launched a petition online against the hypothetical mosque saying "the area could become less desirable for non Muslim people."

So far the petition has more than 1,000 supporters.

Unite Against Fascism have said they will be conducting a counter protest this weekend.


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