09/05/2014 05:54 BST | Updated 09/05/2014 07:59 BST

David Cameron Goes To Nando's, The Internet Reacts (PICTURES)

David Cameron's valiant effort to prove he is a normal human being has gone a step further, with the prime minister having been snapped chowing on some chicken in Nando's.

Perhaps the Tory leader will take inspiration from Nando's 'super fan' Bradley Holman and get one of the world's worst tattoos - Barcelos the Nando’s Cockerel mascot inked on his right bum cheek.


Excited diners at the food chain in Bristol tweeted their shock as Cameron sat down for dinner at the restaurant in Park Street with colleagues.

Many Twitter users were quick to speculate whether the Prime Minister's dining choice was a a result of theongoing 'Halal hysteria' currently gripping the country.

This week, amid the scandal in which supermarkets and restaurants came under fire over their labelling of chicken and other meat, Nando's revealed that in 64 of their 314 restaurants, only halal chicken is served.

But the Prime Minister's choice of restaurant was one of the non-halal branches, according to their website.

According to The Mail Cameron ate a half chicken with hot Peri Peri sauce, coleslaw and a regular order of fries accompanied by a glass of red wine at around 8pm.

The premier even stopped for a selfie:

The incident echoes when George Osborne posted a picture of himself eating a burger before delivering last year's spending review.

The chancellor's followers were less than impressed with his attempt at eating "man of the people" food along with a lot of coke pictured on the table.