David Cameron Insists Coalition WIth Nick Clegg Will Last Until 2015 General Election

David Cameron has insisted his coalition with the Liberal Democrats will "last the course" until next year's general election.

Despite that latest outbreak of feuding between the coalition partners over knife crime and free school meals, Cameron said he continued to enjoy good relations with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

"We have a working relationship because we are both committed to the long-term economic plan we have put in place for Britain to turn our economy round. We know that we have to make the coalition work for Britain," he told the Murnaghan programme on Sky News.

Cameron insisted his coalition with the Lib Dems would last until next May's election

While he acknowledged that there were "tensions and pressures" within the coalition, he added: "This coalition government will last the course, will keep getting the job done and at the next election people can decide, I hope, for a Conservative-only government."

Cameron insisted that he would not abandon his target to reduce the level of net migration into Britiain to the tens of thousands by the time of the general election, despite growing evidence that it will not be met.

"We are working towards it. We are doing everything we can to make sure that we can to deliver it. We should continue to do that," he said.

However, he said that figures were coming under pressure due to the continuing problems in the eurozone.

"Obviously, as a growing economy, we have seen with the weakness of the eurozone quite a lot of people coming from France and Spain and Italy into the UK," he said.

Labour leader Ed Miliband, when asked if he would match Cameron's net migration target, told Sky News: "That's a false promise. He's miles away from his promise.

"I think what politicians should not be doing is making promises on immigration they cannot keep.

"I've changed Labour's approach on immigration. Look, in the past we know Labour seemed dismissive of people's concerns.

"We were wrong. It was actually our attitude which was wrong and needed to change and I've changed that."