President Cheese's #ArtOfCheese Campaign Spawns Twitter Hilarity

This Cheesy Tweet Took 45 Days To Approve. Cue Twitter Mockery

Président Cheese, the French dairy brand, has managed to get Twitter raving about their #artofcheese campaign after reports that they took a whole 45 days to caerphilly plan and approve one tweet. About Camembert.

After spending time with the social media agency Huge, Business Insider reported that "it can take a team of 13 social-media and advertising specialists up to 45 days to plan, create, approve, and publish a corporate social-media post" that only got 2 favourites on Twitter.

Here was the magnificent tweet in question:

The revelation about Président Cheese's two-month long approval process set off Twitter's cheese-lovers as they banged out their parodies much more quickly - as comedian Vikki Stone showed after two minutes of work, for example:

Others just wanted to show how goud-a they were at making cheese related tweets after President's effort:

Even doge weighed in for a very wow cheesy tweet:

Président Cheese later posted a tweet quipping:

This post may have taken 45 hours to write and be approved.

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