BBC Subtitle Fail Tells Viewers To ‘Prepare For Rape' During Glastonbury Festival

Metallica are headliners and apparently the weather is going to be appalling, now Glastonbury festivalgoers are being told to prepare for rape.

The blunder appeared in a subtitle fail on a forecast broadcast live on BBC One after the 10pm news.

Surprised viewers were warned to "prepare for rape" rather than to "prepare for rain" as experts predicted stormy weather would hit the UK this week.

After a screenshot of the subtitle blunder found its way onto Twitter, the BBC were forced to issue an apology for the error.

Things may have also got a bit lost in translation according to one unfortunate caption on BBC News earlier this year, as China welcomed the Year of the Horse.

Hot to trot

It's not the first time...

Poor chap...

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Matthew Correspondent, more commonly known as Matthew Price