Metallica, Dolly, Kasabian And More: The Funniest Tweets About Glastonbury 2014

Glastonbury 2014: The Funniest Tweets

Well, that's it. All over. For another year, at least.

And as Glastonbury 2014 kicked off, there was all the usual excitement and advice:

Ah, yes. It wouldn't be Glastonbury On Twitter without the inevitable (but also amusing) 'how to recreate Glastonbury' tweets:

At Glastonbury itself, meanwhile, there was the inevitable rain and mud, and media coverage of the rain and mud...

The inevitable wacky Glastonbury-goers...

And inevitable crowd behaviour:

Of course, there were plenty of thoughts on the line-up:

And on some acts in particular:

Indeed, Ed Sheeran brought back memories for some:

But on to the big guns! First off, Saturday headliners and renowned bear-hunters Metallica:

The one and only Dolly Parton:

And to round everything off, Kasabian:

Of course, you didn't have to be there to have a time, good or otherwise. Those watching at home kept us amused...

...and also informed with fun Glastonbury facts:

But then it was all over. And thus time for the inevitable clear-up...

And the inevitable return to civilisation:

Not forgetting a few final words of advice for those who went...

A few final thoughts...

Some reminiscing...

And a return to the thrill we felt at the start:

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