Rolf Harris Guilty On All 12 Indecent Assault Counts (VIDEO)

Rolf Harris Warned He Could Be Jailed After Indecent Assault Convictions

Rolf Harris has been warned he could be jailed this week after he was today found guilty of all 12 counts of indecent assault he faced.

The 84-year-old, once a much-loved artist and musician, was convicted at Southwark Crown Court of the sex charges involving four women.

His army of supporters, including suited security guards and representatives from PR giant Bell Pottinger who attended every day of the trial, could do nothing to change the verdict of the jury of six men and six women.

Harris, who will be sentenced on Friday, was told the possibility of prison was "inevitable".

Once seen by a UK audience as a national treasure, Harris had enjoyed years of success, netting him a multi-million pound fortune and the chance to paint the Queen.

But the downfall of an entertainer who was part of millions of British childhoods came today, as Harris became the biggest scalp claimed by detectives from high profile sex crime investigation Operation Yewtree.

Dozens more alleged victims have come forward during the trial, including several in Australia, and Scotland Yard has been in touch with their counterparts in the Australian police, but it is not yet clear whether they are pursuing any investigation in Harris's home country.

Police issued Rolf Harris' mugshot after he was convicted on all counts

The NSPCC said it has received 28 calls relating to Harris to date, involving 13 people who claim they fell prey to the performer.

Harris remained impassive as the forewoman delivered the unanimous verdicts.

His daughter Bindi held hands with a fellow supporter, and wife Alwen and niece Jenny also watched from the public gallery as his fate was sealed.

The performer was released on bail until Friday when he will be sentenced.

Justice Sweeney warned the 84-year-old that given the conviction on all 12 counts it was "inevitable" that a custodial sentence would be possible.

"He must understand that", he said. Harris's barrister Sonia Woodley replied: "He does appreciate that."

Outside the courtroom, a tearful Bindi was seen walking the corridor with Alwen and Jenny, near where her father had been taken into a side room with his legal team.

Speaking outside court, DCI Mick Orchard from the Metropolitan Police, said: "Rolf Harris has habitually denied any wrong doing forcing his victims to recount their ordeal in public.

"He committed many offences in plain sight of people as he thought his celebrity status placed him above the law.

"I want to thank the women who came forward for their bravery, I hope today's guilty verdict will give them closure and help them to begin to move on with their lives.

"Today's case and verdict once again shows that we will always listen to, and investigate allegations regardless of the time frame or those involved."

Harris walked slowly from the building this afternoon, with an emotional Alwen and Bindi on either side, and also accompanied by his niece Jenny who has attended every day of the trial.

The family was flanked by three burly security guards as they faced a throng of international media.

Harris remained silent in the face of continuous questions, cutting a dejected and downbeat figure.

The group was ushered into a waiting Audi with blacked out windows, with photographers crowding around the car.

Earlier, PR heavyweights Bell Pottinger said Harris will not be commenting on the verdicts, either here or in Australia.

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Rolf Harris, London 1966

Rolf Harris through the ages

Rolf Harris has become the biggest celebrity scalp to be claimed by detectives from high-profile sex crime investigation Operation Yewtree.

The 84-year-old is the second person to be convicted under the national inquiry, which was set up in the wake of abuse claims against Jimmy Savile.

Police were contacted by one alleged victim, named in seven of the 12 charges that Harris faced, after she heard the claims made about late DJ Savile and gained the confidence to come forward in November 2012.

The other three then contacted officers - two in the UK and one in Australia - after British newspaper The Sun publicly named Harris as a Yewtree suspect for the first time on April 18 last year.

Police and prosecutors have previously faced questions over the success of Operation Yewtree, which has so far seen two convictions out of 17 arrests.

Scotland Yard has defended the investigation, saying officers have to take alleged victims seriously, particularly in the wake of national failings over Savile.

Eight people have been told they will face no further action; three suspects, including broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, remain on bail; and a total of six people have been charged.

Former popstar Gary Glitter and ex-Radio One DJ Chris Denning are currently going through the court system, and driver David Smith was due to face trial but died before he could do so.

DJ Dave Lee Travis was the first person to go through a trial under Yewtree, but the proceedings ended with him being acquitted on 12 indecent assault charges, and a hung jury on one count of the same charge and a count of sexual assault.

Prosecutors later confirmed that they would go to a retrial on the two charges, and that Travis would face an additional count of indecent assault.


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