'Big Brother': Helen And Ash Pick Up Where Kimberly And Steven Left Off... Did They Perform Sex Act In The 'BB' Bedroom?

Kimberly might have left the ‘Big Brother’ house - splitting up the resident couple ‘Stimberly’ - but that doesn’t mean that the ‘under the covers’ action has ground to a halt, as it seems that Ash and Helen have picked up where Steven and Kimberly left off.

The couple shared a kiss during a private moment in the bedroom last week, and in Sunday night’s show they appeared to take things a step further when they disappeared under the duvet together.

Helen and Ash in the 'BB' house

Earlier in the episode, Steven - sporting a freshly shaved head - and new housemate Zoe asked Helen and Ash if they’d gone any further than kissing since they’d been in the house together, but she was adamant that this wasn’t going to happen.

She replied: “Oh my God! I’m not at yours and Kim’s level yet! Are you f***ing kidding me?! I would never do anything like that.”

However, little more than a few hours later, Helen and Ash were shown disappearing under the covers together where there appeared to be a lot of deep breathing and moving around out of view of the cameras, before they both re-emerged giggling.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this series' raunchy content. Steven and Kimberly have already admitted to having had full sex in the bedroom while the rest of their housemates slept, while Biannca was shown getting her boobs out as she gave Helen a lap-dance last week.

She later flashed her boobs again, this time to the crowds outside the house during her live eviction on Friday night.

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