10 Prime Ministerial Spouses Who Could Inspire Justine Miliband

ANDREW YATES via Getty Images

Justine Miliband is set to come out of the shadows to support her husband, Ed, in his bid to reach Downing Street next year, declaring: "I am up for a fight, however nasty, however brutal."

The Labour leader has had to battle to prove he is up to being prime minister but how does environmental lawyer Justine Thornton square up against previous prime ministerial spouses?

HuffPostUK takes a look at some of the characters and personalities that prime ministers have brought with them into No. 10 to see if Justine Miliband passes the "blink test" to be our own 'First Lady'.

Sarah supported her 'hero'...

Prime Ministers' Wives - Is Justine Miliband Ready?

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