Tony Blairs Escape From Michael Crick Scuppered By Insolent Lift

Tony Blair's Journo Escape Route Suppered By Insolent Lift

It's a reasonable question - why, with all that is happening in Gaza right now, is the Middle East Peace Envoy in a swanky London building celebrating 20 years since becoming Labour leader?

Tony Blair was questioned on just that point on Monday by Channel 4's political correspondent, Michael Crick.

In a painful yet beautiful moment reminiscent of 'The Thick Of It', a valiant attempt to ignore the reporter's questions was scuppered by an uncooperative lift.

A noticeably irate-looking Blair indulged in a bit of small talk but it soon became clear something was amiss.

Gradually the lift's occupants identify the guilty party and set about staring a lift button into submission.

Turns out however, it wasn't the lift at all but one of his pals stood in the way of the door.

Rookie error.

Blair's speech didn't go any easier when he was forced to convince his audience he isn't as rich as everyone makes out.

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