Jon Snow Gaza Video Voices Plea For Children Caught Up In Violence


Jon Snow is back home from a visit to Gaza - an experience that has clearly had an effect on the veteran journalist.

In an emotional appeal, a visibly moved Snow calls for an end to the violence that has caused the deaths and wounding of so many children.

He said: "We cannot let it go on. if our reporting is worth anything, if your preparedness to listen and watch and read is anything to go by, then together we can make a difference.

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Snow visited the Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip where two floors are dedicated to treating children.

He said: "I can't get those images out of my mind.

"They are the essence of what is happening in Gaza."

Snow's video sparked a huge reaction online, with most thinking it was a moving and honest, must-see piece of journalism.

Inevitably, given the subject matter, not all were supportive of it.

Over 1,000 Palestinians have been killed since the current violence began, many of them children. Forty-three Israelis have been killed, 40 soldiers and three civilians.

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