'We cannot allow Gaza to burn while Hamas plays the fiddle.'
'The vile and vicious attacks directed at you were to serve as a warning to other public figures holding dissenting views.'
Radio personality Gareth Cliff has courted controversy again, this time by declaring that Israel is entitled to protect itself from Palestinians "clearly hellbent on violence".
NFP has announced its intention to submit a resolution to the National Assembly to downgrade South Africa's embassy in Israel.
"We are extremely upset and disappointed in the South African government. It has never done this - in the whole of democratic South Africa"
But the Trump White House has blamed Hamas for Monday's violence, saying Israel has a "right to defend itself".
DJ Black Coffee drew the ire of social media users after tweeting about a sold-out event in Israel last Friday.
The DJ came under fire after performing in Israel.
Unicef repeatedly describes the ill-treatment of Palestinian children in military detention as "widespread, systematic and institutionalised".
The announcement to downgrade the embassy immediately and unconditionally was made on the last day of ANC's 54th elective conference on Wednesday.