The killing of Wael Dahdouh's son Hamza, who was also a journalist, has elevated widespread anger over Israel's targeting of members of the press.
Tariq Habash, a Palestinian American, is the second top official to quit over US handling of Israel’s war in Gaza.
In addition to mentioning the Nazi death camp, David Azoulai said in a radio interview that Israel should forcibly send Palestinians to refugee camps in Lebanon.
The Israeli prime minister also called the UN's accusation of war crimes "hogwash," despite now killing more than 11,000 Palestinians in Gaza.
People wondered why Hamas was the punchline when conflict in Israel and Gaza has killed upwards of 11,000 people.
The secretary of state was testifying before a Senate committee when pro-Palestinian demonstrators disrupted him.
The United Nations called for the cease-fire to the Israel-Hamas attacks so that aid can reach people in Gaza, who have gone nearly two weeks without food, water and other essentials.
Several officials spoke to HuffPost about what one called the United States’ “monstrous disregard for innocent Palestinian lives” ― and the challenge of questioning Israel internally.
“He calmly told me that when we heard the air raid siren, we would have 90 seconds to make our way to the bomb shelter. He asked me if I understood. I lied.”