Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber Fight: Diners ‘Cheered' As ‘The Hobbit' Star Swung For Biebs

New details on the altercation between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber have emerged and, apparently, the pair’s fellow diners were quite happy with the actor’s actions.

Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber

While there has been debate over whether Orlando actually managed to land the punch, one onlooker is certain contact was made, telling The Mirror: “The punch definitely connected. People saw it. That’s why everyone cheered.”

Neither star has made a statement on the matter, however, Justin has posted a picture of Orlando crying on his Instagram page.

Hours after the incident is thought to have taken place, Justin posted, and then removed, a photo of Orlando’s ex Miranda Kerr online.

It is believed the Aussie model is the reason behind Justin and Orlando's feud after Biebs reportedly got a little too close to her at the 2012 Victoria's Secret show.

Another source has suggested that, prior to the fight, Orlando refused to address the ‘Baby' singer.

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