Orlando Bloom

The model's comments echo those of Gwyneth Paltrow, who has made similar remarks about Chris Martin.
The British actor showed off his impressive... backstroke.
Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are "just down the road" from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in California.
Brain octane oil with your morning cup of coffee, anyone?
Sacha Baron Cohen's classic character wished "Katy Pepsi" a very nice 36th birthday.
The 82-year-old star has roped in some famous faces to encourage people to exercise... their right to vote.
The happy couple introduced daughter Daisy Dove Bloom to the world this week.
It is the US singer and British actor’s first child together.
The Lord Of The Rings Star has also unveiled a new tattoo in honour of his cherished poodle.
The pop star thanked her grandma Ann Pearl Hudson – who died on Sunday – for being the one "who started it all".
The Lord Of The Rings star was in for a shock when he unveiled his new ink on Instagram last week.
The actor's new ink is supposed to read "Flynn," but experts told HuffPost the tattoo says nothing at all.
The Late Late Show host also told Arnold Schwarzenegger how President Donald Trump’s daughter responded.
"We were both married before, and it’s not the same in your 30s,” the Never Really Over singer said in a radio interview.
Katy Perry has finally spoken out about thoseOrlando Bloom pics, which featured her ex letting it all hang out on a paddleboard