01/08/2014 07:10 BST | Updated 01/08/2014 07:59 BST

How Protein Shakes Help Women To Burn Fat, Not Bulk Up

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When it comes to getting fit, protein shakes aren't quite the first thing that spring to mind. For most of us, these are the domain of bodybuilders or gym fanatics who measure out their peas and weigh their chicken breasts.

However, a recent survey from Bodybuilding Warehouse has revealed the rise of the "Protein Princesses". These are women who work out on average four to five times a week and take protein shakes - but not to build muscle.


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Instead, this 57% increase of women drinking the stuff is to burn fat and help with toning. It's time to address those protein myths.

It Will Bulk You Up

This is a common misconception, so if your fitspiration is more long and lean opposed to muscle man don't discount protein. Women who keep to a high protein, moderate carb and fat diet will lose more fat and keep more tone. Plus it can help achieve those lean muscles too.

It's Just For The Fitness Fanatics

Taking protein supplements alongside your regular exercise regime is not just for hard-core gym-goers. Whatever exercise you're doing, taking supplements will help refuel muscles, increase lean muscle mass and burn fat.

It Will Make You Fat

Protein will not make you put on weight but it is important to choose your protein intake wisely. A high protein diet will help maintain a toned body and will keep you feeling full for longer (without those excess calories).

It's Expensive

Paying for supplements on top of your gym membership may seem like a lot, but sport nutrition suppliers will let you buy in bulk too.

It Tastes Horrible

There are some really tasty protein supplements available, including chocolate, mint and vanilla. You can even pick up protein snacks such as muffins, cookies and hot chocolate.