9 Anti-Ageing Foods To Keep You Looking Young

We are constantly being told that we are what we eat, but could there be an element of truth in that? The types of food we munch on not only affect our health, but the way we look too.

It's time to ditch those expensive anti-ageing products, save your money, and opt for bowlfuls of berries, salmon suppers and continue with the kale craze for a younger, healthier you.

Nutritionist Sarah West says what you eat can depend depend on your age and it's never too early to start eating well: "Your twenties are the ideal time to lay down a healthy foundation for the decades ahead.

"Calcium and vitamins K and D are vital and can be obtained through dairy products, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks and salmon."

Take a look at the top foods that will keep you looking great at any age...