A-Levels: 5 Teen Tycoons Who Made Millions Without Them

Young woman holding 20 pound notes
Young woman holding 20 pound notes

A-Level results day has dawned for thousands of students as they find out if they're off to the university they had been hoping for.

What about those students who do not get the grades they wanted? There is still hope, as many people have succeeded in business without perfect grades, or any A-levels at all.

From Virgin boss Richard Branson to Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne, many business figures have made millions without needing A-levels.

Some may be sceptical as businesspeople like Bannatyne are all over 40 years old. But the baby-boomer generation isn't the only ones to have business potential.

HuffPost presents five British teens who made their first million in business without needing any A-levels.

Dominic McVey

Young Millionaires Who Didn't Need A-Levels

A-level results

A Level Results