27/08/2014 08:38 BST | Updated 27/08/2014 08:59 BST

Kate Bush Live Spoilers: 10 Things You'll Only Know About The 'Before The Dawn' Live Shows If You Were There (Or If You Read This)

Kate Bush, in case you hadn't noticed, made a rather successful return to the stage on Tuesday night in the first of 22 shows at London's Hammersmith Apollo.


Critics have been foaming at the mouth to heap praise on the singer's first live show in 35 years, describing it as 'powerful', 'genuinely moving', 'unpredictable' and 'spellbindingly beautiful'.

Kate Bush on stage during her 'Before The Dawn' London live shows

Of course, if you were there, you'd know this yourself. But if you're not one of the 77,000 fans who were lucky enough to grab yourself a seat at the hottest ticket in town then here's what you'll be missing.

(And if you are going - and want to retain an element of surprise - then you might want to look away now from this spoiler-heavy piece. Don't say we didn't warn you).

1. The show is almost three hours long and split into four acts.

2. The closely-guarded setlist includes nothing from her first four albums, but plenty of other treats...

Act 1


Hounds of Love


Running Up That Hill

Top of the City

King of the Mountain

Act 2 The Ninth Wave

And Dream of Sheep

Under Ice

Waking the Witch

Watching You Without Me

Jig of Life

Hello Earth

The Morning Fog

Act 3 A Sky of Honey



An Architect’s Dream

The Painter’s Link


Aerial Tal

Somewhere in Between




Among Angels


3. Kate appealed to fans to refrain from taking pictures or filming on their iPhones or cameras in an official statement ahead of the first show, but despite there being plenty of security keeping an eye out for overeager fans doing just that, someone managed to record this snippet of her performing 'Cloudbusting' (just don't tell Kate)...

4. One of the visual highlights is 'The Ninth Wave' section, an underwater spectacular co-directed by former Royal Shakespeare Company artistic director, Adrian Noble, featuring songs from the second half of the classic 'Hounds Of Love' album.

5. If you've seats in the stalls, well done, you'll get closer to Kate than you dared even hope as during 'The Ninth Wave' section, she is held aloft by fishermen and carried through the stalls while 'sailors in life jackets brandish hatchets and a chainsaw'.

6. For the 'Sky Of Honey' section of the show, the entire stage design is an interpretation of Ivan Aivazovsky's 1850 painting of the same name.

7. At one point during the third act, Kate soars above the stage on huge wings, which according to one reviewer, 'spanned some 20 feet'. Impressive.

8. Kate's 16-year-old son, Bertie - who we have to thank for persuading his mum to get back on stage - makes an appearance during the 'Sky Of Honey' section, playing a painter. He also provides backing vocals and even gets to sing an entire song himself.

9. Costumes include a black, flowing Native American-inspired shawl, a military jacket and the aforementioned wings.

10. There is puppetry, lasers, a helicopter, billowing sheets, trees, confetti, scary bird masks, more birds and errrm, a discussion about sausages.

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