05/09/2014 06:55 BST | Updated 05/09/2014 06:59 BST

Joan Rivers Dead: Watch Her Outrageous 'Loose Women' Interview Where She Brands Russell Crowe 'A Piece Of F***ing S***' (VIDEO)

When we look back on the late, great Joan Rivers’ career in years to come, we’ll remember her as a comedy icon who would say absolutely anything - and nothing proves that more than this clip of her appearance on ‘Loose Women’ a few years ago.

Joan graced the panel of the lunch-time show with her presence back in 2008, to promote her one woman show, ‘A Work In Progress’, though her interview will be best remembered for when she dropped the f-bomb on live television at one in the afternoon.

joan rivers

Joan Rivers on 'Loose Women'

Not realising that the show was aired completely live, Joan discussed her experiences hosting on the red carpet, saying: “You get someone like Russell Crowe and you want to turn to the camera and say ‘he is a piece of...’ - get ready to bleep this - ‘f***ing s***.’


Poor Jane McDonald has never heard such language

After several apologies from anchor Jackie Brambles, Joan mysteriously disappeared from the desk during an ad break, and later claimed she’d been removed from the premises for her explicit outburst.


Speaking to The Mirror after her controversial ‘Loose Women’ appearance, the entertainment legend joked: “At my age I should be able to say what the hell I want. I think saying, 'Go f*** yourself' is a very pleasant way of saying good morning to someone you don't like.”

Joan died in hospital at the age of 81 on Thursday afternoon, a week after being taken into hospital when she suffered cardiac arrest and stopped breathing during an endoscopy on her vocal cords at a New York clinic.

Stars of stage and screen - including her fellow comedians Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg and Ricky Gervais - have been paying their respects to Joan online following the news of her death.

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