Joan Rivers

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, ITV is currently showing old episodes every lunchtime.
Melissa Rivers has opened up about her final moments with her mum, Joan Rivers, who sadly died last year. SEE MORE: Joan
Putting together a presenting line-up of four of the most uninhibited, opinionated and unashamedly gobby stars in Showbizland
Kathy Griffin's exit from E!'s Fashion Police, after just seven shows, may come as a shock, but the presenter's leaving statement makes more than a few pertinent points. Namely, that the days of poking fun and (often nastily) joking about women's style decisions are over. THANK GOD.
Kathy replaced her friend Joan Rivers on the show, following her death last year In the statement, Kathy hinted that her
Every year, despite their best efforts, the Academy manages to omit someone special from its list of of stars lost to us
Melissa Rivers has confirmed that she plans to sue the New York clinic where her mother, legendary comedian Joan Rivers, died
Kathy Griffin has paid tribute to her friend Joan Rivers, during her first episode as the new head presenter of ‘Fashion
Lauren Bacall was one of Hollywood's last Golden Age stars The 89-year-old film icon who appeared in such classic fare as
After his death, Williams’s wife Susan Schneider revealed the actor had been diagnosed with the early stages of Parkinson’s
Joan Rivers set aside a portion of her $150 million fortune to charity, it has been revealed. SEE MORE: Take A Look Inside
The results of Joan Rivers’ autopsy have confirmed that the comedy legend died of brain damage incurred from lack of oxygen
Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa will take legal action against the throat surgery which operated on her mother, causing her
Before we finished our conversation, Joan took time to ask about my own background and insisted we meet after her Royal Albert Hall show. Most celebrities couldn't care less for who's talking to them, but Joan had an obvious sense of maternal empathy to her.
Stricter abortion laws could have saved the life of Joan Rivers, a serious politician has suggested in a bizarre comment
Joan Rivers’ doctor reportedly took a selfie in the procedure room while the comedy legend was under anesthestic, shortly
Joan Rivers Hugh Jackman has revealed that he’d been asked by Joan to perform the song ‘Quiet Please, There’s A Lady On Stage
Hugh Jackman has revealed that he paid tribute to the comedy legend Joan Rivers at her funeral by performing the song ‘Quiet
Alas, I was not quick enough as Pulse was already saturated with thinly disguised profile-raising tributes. When I returned to my email to check for more coaching requests, there was another message from Will.