Recommended Sugar Intake: Which Country Eats The Most Sugar In The World? (VIDEO)

People In This Country Suffer From A Sweet Tooth More Than Anyone Else In The World

According to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O), adults with an average BMI should eat no more than 25g of sugar per day - that's the equivalent of about six and a quarter teaspoons.

But it seems many of us don't find sticking to these guidelines easy.

The above video shows the shocking amounts of sugar people around the world consume in an average day.

Coming in at 10th place, people in China tend to eat 33g of sugar per day. India takes the next spot, where the sugar total shoots up to an average of 58g per capita per day.

From there, people in Indonesia, Pakistan, the United States and Egypt show they have a sweet tooth, all exceeding the recommended limit.

The European union comes in at fourth place while Mexico is named the country in the world which eats the third highest amount of sugar, with the people consuming 104g of sugar per person per day.

With figures just slightly higher than Mexico, Russia is the second most sugar-loving country.

But which country eats more sugar than any other?

People in Brazil take the title, eating on average around 152g of sugar per day - that's six times more than W.H.O recommend.

The Brazilians' 152g of sugar is the equivalent of four cans of regular Coca Cola. A person of average weight would need to walk around 6.8 miles to burn it off.


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