Motorcyclist Makes Miraculous Escape By Sliding Under Lorry

Watch The Moment A Motorcyclist Slides Under A Lorry - And Miraculously Escapes Unscathed

You know that thing in movies where a biker slides underneath a lorry (or train, or other large vehicle) in order to avoid being hit by it?

Well, that just happened in real life.

A Brazilian motorcyclist who came face to face with a lorry on the BR-324 motorway in Bahia managed to slide underneath the truck as it crossed his path. And as you can see from the CCTV footage, he amazingly then got up and walked off to collect his bike, which had ended up in the middle of the carriageway.

According to Daily Picks And Flicks, local police are still searching for the driver of the lorry. In the meantime, we think the biker should consider a career as a stunt man...

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