Any spurious aspiration I might have had to try the sport is dashed as it turns out Speedway bikes have NO brakes. It's at this point that I'm starting to think that this hasn't been thought through very well and/or it's a sport for the self-destructively inclined.
More people walked away from this IOM TT with life pumping through the core of them, than came away with death clinging on to them. We held on to the pendulum and saw with our eyes the reality of failure. But my word, we were rewarded with the heart exploding punch of life.
The shootings took place on land used by a motorcycle club.
A gunman has killed two and wounded 11 at a concert in western Austria, then killed himself, police say. The gunman opened
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This motorcyclist is extremely lucky to be alive after a road accident that almost put him underneath the wheels of a heavy
Here at HuffPost UK Comedy, we love nothing more than funny cat videos videos that show real-life events which could have
The duck who joined the Northern Irish boys on their motorcycle tour of Vietnam hit national headlines a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to be in the Phong Nha bar the night that Matthew McInnes, Dan McAllen and their mates turfed up with The Captain, mid-tour.
If you fancy exploring the British Isles there are plenty of ways you can do it without having to spend the budget of a small army. The most conventional would be to stay in hotels or bed and breakfasts, but that's a bit dull really, isn't it?
You know that thing in movies where a biker slides underneath a lorry (or train, or other large vehicle) in order to avoid
Now, we don't know very much about riding scooters. But we do know that you shouldn't get over-confident when you're test
Bhupinder ‘Speedy’ Singh is a proud Sikh and a bit of a turban expert. Check out his ever-so slightly impressive ability
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Ouch... Beware bikers, this is what can happen when you recklessly overtake. Ok, so we're not too sure why the driver of
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Be careful on those bikes folks. That's the resounding message to taken from this incredible head-cam footage posted online
The Duke of Cambridge has indulged his love of motorbikes with a visit to Britain's biggest bike show. William astonished
The future of motorcycling has been unveiled - and it looks a lot like one first demonstrated in 1982. The Kawasaki J Three
If you have the strength to let go of your plans, if you have the courage to abandon your preconceived notions and the wisdom to admit sometimes you are wrong, you can start to trust that fate will push you in the right direction. It invariably does.