Austria Concert Gunman Kills Two And Turns Gun On Himself After 'Loud Argument '

The shootings took place on land used by a motorcycle club.

A gunman has killed two and wounded 11 at a concert in western Austria, then killed himself, police say.

The gunman opened fire at an open-air concert at a motorcycle club near the town of Nenzing at about 1am UK time on Sunday.

He then killed himself after the shootings, police say.

Austrian police have said that the shooting was preceded by a "loud argument" between the gunman and a woman in a car park near the concert, HuffPost Australia reports.

The woman is reportedly uninjured.

The man then reportedly fetched a gun out of his car, left the car park, went to the concert venue and started shooting into the crowd, apparently at random.

The shootings took place on land used by a motorcycle club, according to Austrian state broadcaster ORF.

Rescue workers said some survivors were in a serious condition, with a police spokeswoman saying their wounds were "very diverse."

The rampage comes on the same day that Austria is voting in its presidential election, which could elect the European Union's first ever far-right leader.

The far-right Freedom Party which is competing with an independent candidate, is led by Norbert Hofer, who is a gun enthusiast according to the BBC.

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