Watch Alex Salmond Get Into A Row With BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson

Alex Salmond answered questions at an "international press conference" in Edinburgh today - and quickly got into a fight with BBC political editor Nick Robinson.

The Scottish first minister accused the Treasury of leaking market sensitive data to the BBC about Royal Bank of Scotland's proposal to register itself in England if Scotland votes for independence. And following a question from Robinson on the impact of the move, Salmond said the BBC needed to cooperate with any investigation into the leak.

"A Treasury source told the BBC that it had discussed the plans with RBS. The Treasury, officials or ministers, are not allowed to brief market-sensitive information," he said.

"But I know that the BBC will want to co-operate with the inevitable investigation by the Cabinet Secretary to the briefing of this information, given that the briefing of information - even if we weren't in a referendum campaign, even if there weren't purdah rules which are meant to apply to government - the briefing of market information is as serious a matter as you can possibly get."

When Robinson tried to press Salmond on the impact of any move by RBS, Salmond replied "I've answered you". He added: "This is the first opportunity the BBC have had to heckle at a meeting."

Some members of the audience, which reportedly including Yes campaign supporters as well as journalists, laughed and applauded when Salmond appeared to question the BBC's "impartial role as public sector broadcaster". Robinson was also heckled from the audience.

After clashing with the BBC's political editor, Salmond turned to his, as he put it, "friends in the international media".

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