11/09/2014 07:32 BST | Updated 11/09/2014 07:59 BST

Woman Loses 120Ilbs To Becomes Personal Trainer And Life Coach After Taking Up Boxing

Once upon a time Shanna Fried weighed 296Ilbs and was so large that she was unable to run on a treadmill - or even cross her legs.

Fast-forward to 2014 and the once binge-eating fitness-phobic is now 120Ilbs lighter and working as a personal trainer and life coach in New York.

The secret to her incredible weight loss story? Boxing.

weight loss

"I had so many feelings inside about myself, that hitting something was a release for me," she says. "In the first two weeks I lost at least 20Ilbs."

Now, she works out six days per week - boxing, kickboxing, spinning or crossfit - and has set up her own business as a personal trainer and life coach in New York City, New York.

Speaking about her weight loss on her website, she says: "As the weight began to drop off, I knew it was time for me to take a hard look at my lifestyle and eating habits. It wasn't easy and I definitely wanted to quit altogether many, many times. However, I didn't, and I began to see the results both physically and emotionally. For the first time in my entire life, I was passionate, dedicated, and motivated to keep on going."

Listen to Shanna's inspiring story in the Women's Health video above.