'Big Brother' Winner Helen Wood Continues Feud With Former Housemate Danielle McMahon At Launch Party


Big Brother’ housemates Helen Wood and Danielle McMahon’s feud has continued long since they both left the Borehamwood bungalow, and it appears they still couldn’t find anything nice to say about each other at the series wrap party on Monday night.

'BB' winner Helen Wood

Danielle was also heavily critical about Helen after leaving the house, particular after the latter was crowned the winner of this summer’s series in one of the most shocking twists in ‘BB’ history - so it’s pretty understandable that they wouldn’t be looking forward to spending the evening together as part of the wrap party.

She took to her Twitter account on Monday - which also happened to be her birthday - to reveal she wasn’t looking forward to spending time with the “tw**s” she shared the ‘BB’ house with at the event, writing:

It would seem that things didn’t get any less frosty for the feuding pair at the party itself, with Helen branding her former housemate, Mrs Doyle - a reference to the strict Catholic character in ‘Father Ted’ - in a tweet she posted from the party, writing:

The following day, Danielle posted a lengthy Twitter rant about Helen and her “band of cronies”, after the ‘BB’ winner told her it looked like her “face was melting”.

Danielle McMahon

Across a string of tweets, Danielle wrote:

“Thank God I will never have to see those people again. I honestly would not even spit on any of them. Personify scum. End.

“Don’t waste your time they are all sewer rats from the ultimate queen rat. They are just abusing me to keep themselves relevant so just ignore it please. I’m sitting reading this twiddle with management in laughter at this level of embarrassment whilst they are all huddled in a room together getting off on this..

“They need relevance and by abusing people you are jealous of and insulting people’s religion and with common derogotary insults is the only way they know how. They are a disgrace to humanity and clearly have issues.”

Since leaving the ‘Big Brother’ house, Helen has become involved in a separate feud with former ‘CBB’ champion Denise Welch, who had branded her a “bully” for her treatment of her fellow housemates throughout the series.

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