Newborn Baby Girl Rescued From Sewer Pipe In China

Dramatic footage of a newborn baby girl being cut from a sewer pipe in a college dormitory has emerged.

A rescue operation was launched after cries were heard near the toilets at Linyi University in eastern China’s Shandong province, NBC news reports.

The channel cites state news agency Xinhua as stating the baby’s mother, a student at the university, gave birth early on Sunday morning.

The newborn baby girl was rescued from a sewer pipe in a university dormitory

No more is known about the mother and doctors have reportedly declined to comment on the baby’s condition.

Fire crews are understood to have used an angle grinder to break open the 20cm wide pipe the baby was wedged in.

Fire crews released the baby on Sunday

The little boy was found stuck head first in the 10cm diameter pipe and was saved by fire crews who cut through the section of pipe and then used pliers and saws to tear it open.

Initial reports suggested the child’s mother could face charges of attempted murder, but Chinese authorities have confirmed she will not face criminal charges after it was revealed she raised the alarm and eventually identified herself to police.

The unmarried 22-year-old kept her pregnancy secret and gave birth unexpectedly, it was reported.

Last year a newborn was rescued in similar circumstances

The mother claimed the baby slipped into the sewage pipe by accident and that she informed her landlord when she was unable to pull the child out.

The child was treated in hospital for cuts to his face and limbs and was later reunited with his mother.

The little boy's feet could be seen poking out the top of the squat toilet