19/09/2014 09:50 BST | Updated 19/09/2014 09:59 BST

The Week In 50 Funny Tweets: A Scottish Referendum Special

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There was only one question on people's lips this week: 'Did Katie Price really call her daughter 'Bunny?'

Yes, she did. Which meant we could move on to the next question: which way would the people of Scotland vote in Thursday's independence referendum?

Or to put it another way:

This tweet pretty much summed up our mood down here in England:

And as we went through this week, it occurred to us that Apple might get involved:

Or Her Majesty:

Fortunately, The Sun was on the case with its cloud prediction:

While on the night itself, CNN did the maths for us:

One thing could be assured: Twitter was ready for this day. Oh, yes.

Here were some of the funny tweets that kept us going through the highs and lows - and the ayes and noes - this week...

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