Sam Pepper Gropes Multiple Women On The Street And Thinks It's Funny. The World Responds


And the award for sexist idiot of the year goes to...YouTube prankster, Sam Pepper who thinks sexually harrassingwomen for a laugh is fair game.

The YouTuber's latest video of him groping the derrieres of unsuspecting women is - in our opinion - wrong, violating and all kinds of gross.

If you haven't yet seen the 'prank' video, which has pretty much sent the whole of the internet into outrage, then take a look.

Pepper, who has over two million subscribers, is filmed speaking to different women in the street.

While chatting to the unsuspecting females, he grabs their bum with a 'fake' hand (which, by the way, is actually his real hand) and continues to try and persuade them that someone else just happened to have grabbed their bum. Ugh. Really?

The reactions from his victims range from shocked faces to nervous laughs, to a woman who leaps a good few metres away.

We wouldn't expect this behaviour from a school boy, let alone a fully grown man.

However, the internet isn't taking it lying down. Sam is receiving numerous unsubscribes from his YouTube channel, with many former fans demanding that he removes the video.

He's also been banned from pretty much every YouTube convention going and fellow YouTube stars including John and Hank Green and Tyler Oakley have condemned his actions, with Tyler tweeting:

Rather than acknowledging that his actions were wrong, or offer an apology, he then decided to tweet about pizza:

Which caused further outrage, obviously.

So ladies, it looks like our battle with men who think sexual harassment is both okay and funny is still ongoing. But the world is less tolerant, and that's a good thing.

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