Hong Kong Protester Spells Out Exactly What They Want in Passionate Video

Confused about what's going on in Hong Kong right now?

Well let YouTuber Kaiser Ks spell it out for you.

She says: "We are just innocent people like you. We are just trying to protect the people in government house. We don’t want to see any tragedy performing on once safest city on the planet, like those happened in Syria, Ukraine and China.

"Maybe all of you are born in democracy States, you are born with democratic election, you have free election right, but we don't.

"We need genuine democracy. We need a pop-vote on the constitution reform only, nothing more."

Rumblings of discontent were stirring all through last week when students staged demonstrations in the city.

These greatly increased to include other portions of the population culminating in clashes between demonstrators and riot police.

On Monday afternoon in Hong Kong, crowds were gathering again with every likelihood that clashes will resume.