Healthy Snacks That Will Help You To Lose Weight

3 Healthy Snacks That'll Make You Ditch The Monster Munch

If you're struggling to lose weight because you can't stop snacking on naughty foods then let the following be your saviour.

Did you know that people with the healthiest overall eating habits snack more? And when we say snacking we mean the healthy stuff such as fruit, yogurt and nutritional bars. Not Monster Munch.

So what are the best healthy snacks to have handy?

Combo number one: hard boiled eggs and Sriracha

Did you know that hard boiled eggs help to improve thyroid function, which is responsible for metabolism? Meanwhile Sriracha (chili sauce) is great for burning calories and fat.

Combo number two: watermelon and balsamic vinegar

Why is it good for you? Because watermelon is 90% water which helps to keep you fuller for longer - bye bye embarrassing 11am stomach rumble.

Balsamic vinegar activates an enzyme to help break down proteins.

And finally...

Combo number three: cottage cheese and cinnamon

Calcium rich cottage cheese can metabolise fat in your body - kapow! Meanwhile its cinnamon flavoured friend helps your body process glucose faster.

Your digestive system will be purring in no time.