Halloween Face Painting Tutorial: Dracula

If you're looking for face painting inspiration for a child's birthday party or a school fete, why not try this Dracula design?

This deadly vampire face painting may look complicated but it can be created in just three steps and requires only three different coloured face paints, a sponge and a brush.

Top tip: Put your non-painting hand on the child's head. It really helps the child to sit still while you work, and it allows you to balance yourself so you have a steady hand.

Step one

Use a sponge and white face paint to cover the entire face, avoiding the lips and eyes.


Step two

Once it has dried, take some grey face paint and use the edge of the sponge to gently shade the eye sockets and below the cheekbones.

Do the same on the forehead, making two diagonal lines that form a 'V' shape that meets in the middle of the eyebrows.


Step three

Using the brush and some black face paint, add some hairy, scary eyebrows, a widow's peak and cobwebs under the eyes.

Paint the child's lips black and finally, add a line to each cheekbone and some pointy teeth below the child's bottom lip.

Slip on a cape and you're ready to go trick or treating!


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