Russell Brand Peaks On MSNBC, Talking Fox News, The Daily Mail, Hitler, Power And Revolution

Brand Peaks On MSNBC - Nails Fox News, The Daily Mail And The Tories

Russell Brand's flag of revolution was unfurled on MSNBC on Tuesday, the comedian and activist appearing on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to talk socialism, economic elites and Fox News.

The actor and author, who is currently in the US to promote his book Revolution, put in a bravura performance, a turn equally matched by host O’Donnell, with the pair sparring over the comedian’s moreish notion of change in which power is leveraged from politicians and the multinationals they dutifully serve through a process of spiritual collectivism.

Brand also had plenty to say on Fox, an organisation with which the comedian has a long-standing feud. “Bill O’Reilly is a man at war as much with hemorrhoids as with immigrants,” offered Brand, before comparing British and American media.

“British media is more nuanced,” he added, “we have more vitriol in the printed media, newspapers like The Sun… The Daily Mail, which is the Fox News in print – a newspaper that supported Hitler when he was in power and now they get as near as they can, which is the British Conservative Party”.

There was plenty more. Enjoy the clip above...

(Click here to listen to Russell Brand's podcast with Naomi Klein, exclusively shared with the HuffPost UK).


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