Kelly Brook Tweets Apology To Ex-Fiancé David McIntosh After Split: 'I'm Sorry... I Really Loved You'


Kelly Brook appears to have had a change of heart about her feelings towards ex-fiancé David McIntosh, admitting that she “misses” the former ‘Gladiators’ hunk.


Kelly broke the news (and, in the process, our hearts) that she had called off her engagement with David last month, though while things started off amicably after their split, they didn’t stay that way for long.

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh during the glory days of their relationship

Over the past week, the former couple have been involved in a number of spats on Twitter, most notably when Kelly publicly told David that his “kn*b” was online after her iCloud account was hacked, with him firing back he was “silly” for sharing the photos in the first place with someone he “thought he could trust”.

In tweets that have now been deleted, The Sun have reported that Kelly sent David a public apology, writing: “Truth is we talk everyday and Miss each other. I’m sorry for how I’ve behaved. I really loved you.”

However, she had less positive things to say to German model Metisha Schaefer, who David has been spotted getting close with over the past week.

She had previously shared a screenshot of her mobile phone, revealing that David had tried to contact her over FaceTime 16 times over the course of a few hours, telling Metisha: “Errrrr babes he’s all yours…”

Last month, David vehemently denied accusations that he had been unfaithful to Kelly during their relationship, claiming that she was the only person he’d ever cared about, besides his son.

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