Naked Artist Who Nailed Testicles To Red Square Cobblestone Has Hacked Off His Own Ear

WARNING: This report contains graphic pictures, viewer discretion is advised.

An artist has cut off part of his right ear with a kitchen knife.

Petr Pavlenskiy perched naked on a wall in Serbski Street, Moscow on Sunday where he got to work.

According to the Austrian Times, Pavlenskiy was apprehended by police who took him to a nearby hospital to treat his injury.

Petr Pavlenskiy's latest stunt took place in a street in Moscow

He carried out the stunt last year to protest what he described in a statement as Russia’s descent into a “police state”.

Writing on the website, Pavlensky said: "A naked artist, looking at his balls nailed to the Kremlin pavement, is a metaphor for the apathy, political indifference, and fatalism of contemporary Russian society."

Pavlenskiy is no stranger to controversial stunts, having nailed his testicles to the ground last year

The act of self-mutilation took place close to Lenin’s mausoleum in the centre of Moscow’s iconic square.

Of Pavlenskiy's most recent stunt, The Guardian cites a statement on his wife's Facebook page, saying the severing of his ear it is meant to represent the damage caused of the police "returning to the use of psychiatry for political goals.

Reports say Pavlenskiy was escorted to hospital by police officers

It adds: “Armed with psychiatric diagnoses, the bureaucrat in a white lab coat cuts off from society those pieces that prevent him from establishing a monolithic dictate of a single, mandatory norm for everyone.”

According to AFP, 29-year-old Pavlenskiy has carried out similar acts in the past, including sewing his lips together in demonstration against the jailing of two members of Pussy Riot, and wrapping his body in barbed wire outside a government building.