Loose Skin After Weight Loss: Man Says It's Nothing To Be Ashamed Of In Inspirational Video

This Guy Wasn't Going To Get Loose Skin Stand In The Way Of His Weight Loss

Losing a lot of weight can sometimes result in unwanted excess skin, but one inspirational man wants to help others feel positive about their new look.

John David Glaude was 25 stone 10 pounds. There was no fad diet - through exercise and a healthy diet he lost 11 stone 6 pounds in just seven months.

"Being overweight, you're obviously very self-conscious about how you look," he says in the above video.

"Losing the weight, I'm not as self conscious when I have a layer over my skin. I'm comfortable clothed, but I'm not that comfortable unclothed."

Glaude undresses in front of the camera, revealing the excess skin he has gained since losing weight.

He created the video to tackle his insecurity head-on, and wants others to do the same.

"You should never let loose skin stop you from going for your dream," he says. "Loose skin and all, I am happy with where I have come from and where I'm at now.

"This is who I am and I'm proud of it."

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