Katie Hopkins Comes Out In Support Of Dapper Laughs And Ched Evans

You'll Never Guess Which Rent-A-Gob Backs Dapper Laughs And Ched Evans

Not content with calling Palestinians "dirty rodents" this week, Katie Hopkins has also come out in support of convicted rapist Ched Evans and disgraced "lad" comedian Dapper Laughs.

In her latest efforts to stoke the flames of public fury, Hopkins waded into two of this week's most divisive news stories, discussing the recent controversy over the unrepentant Sheffield United player returning to work, along with the "death" of Daniel O'Reilly's Dapper Laughs character.

Katie Hopkins has sparked anger... again

While both men have prompted a furious reaction from the general public for their treatment of women, Hopkins, in her classic caustic style, gave them her backing.

Responding to Charlie Webster resigning as a patron of Sheffield United for allowing 25-year-old Evans to regain his fitness following his release from prison, Hopkins told her she was "jealous," suggesting the TV presenter would like to raped by the footballer.

Evans scored 42 goals for the Blades

But more than 100,000 people have backed a petition to voice their concerns over Evans returning to the club, and Hopkins comments quickly faced the wrath of Twitter, as per usual:

Dapper, meanwhile "is gone," according to the man who created him. The self-styled comedian and internet celebrity who had his show pulled by ITV2 after a massive sexism controversy told Newsnight yesterday evening that he has killed off the character.

But Hopkins, of course, disagreed with this decision, stating that O'Reilly had fallen "victim to the mob" and that those who had disagreed with his brand of comedy "spoiled the fun for those making a different choice."

Daniel O'Reilly

Dapper's downfall followed a fierce online campaign against the comedian's apparent sexism, rape jokes, and a section of his Christmas album which saw him shout 'you stink of shit' at a homeless man, despite claiming the album was raising money for homeless charities. Shelter later said it would not accept donations from the album.

The row escalated this week after footage emerged of Dapper last month telling a female audience member she is “gagging for a rape”.

Since the cancellation of his show, Dapper had been absent from social media, breaking his silence only to announce his Newsnight appearance.

A petition was signed by over 50,000 people to get Dapper off air.

Hopkins has already sparked outrage this week after appearing to post a series of tweets accusing Muslim men of being wife-beaters and calling Palestinians "filthy rodents".

It's not clear if Hopkins posted the comments herself or if her account was hacked but they remain on her timeline at the time of writing.

They appear to be in response to the wave of violence that has swept Israel and the Occupied territories in the last week in which a number of Israelis have been killed and injured in stabbing attacks and hit and runs.

Another tweet was in reference to a Channel 4 show, '24 Hours in Police Custody'.

Some have called for the former Apprentice contestant to face criminal charges.


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