ched evans

The footballer was cleared of raping a 19-year-old woman in 2016 after two-and-a-half years in prison.
We need to put measures in place which encourage women to report, take survivors' needs into account, and offer them hope of fairness and justice. Centring the crime and not the complainant in a rape trial moves to address this, and sets us on the right path.
Footballer was acquitted after complainant's past sexual history was brought up in court.
Veteran Labour MP Harriet Harman is demanding a change in the law to protect alleged rape victims from having their past
Since rape is a crime that can only be committed by a biological male according to UK law, then the onus really is upon the man to police his own potentially rapist behaviour. I can see you think this is unfair. It isn't. It is the law.
Footballer Ched Evans has warned women about the dangers of drinking “because there are genuine rapists out there.” Evans
Rape culture is allowed to persist because as a society we still value the political, economic and cultural contributions from men higher than those from their female counterparts. It persists because gender roles are still reinforced - boys will be boys, after all.
He writes about my pets, my children, my ex-partner. He tries to name things that he thinks are relevant to my location and my family. He repeatedly posts pictures designed to harass me. He has made fun of friends who have died by saying they are burning in hell or "frying tonight".
Gloria Hunniford had been accused of 'misrepresenting evidence' during a debate.