14/11/2014 05:39 GMT | Updated 14/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Naked Kim Kardashian Bum Merges With Coffee Machine To Form Best Meme Yet #Breaktheinternet

Kim Kardashian’s globe-like, shiny buttocks are on a hell-bent mission to achieve global domination, so we had better get used to them.

In an attempt to integrate them into our everyday lives, someone has merged them with a their coffee machine – with some pretty successful results.


kim kardashian coffee bum

Look it is big, and it is clever, OK?

It is of course not the first attempt to lampoon Mrs West’s backside – others have succeeded in parking a Boris bike in between them, turning her into a centaur, landing the Rosetta probe on them and even providing a safe, warm place for Russell Brand to live.

But this is still our favourite.

Then there are some who’ve set to work altering Kim K herself…