Twitter Suggests Alternatives To 'Image From Rochester' After Emily Thornberry Gaffe

Twitter Suggests Some Of Its Own Images From Rochester

After a senior Labour MP was forced to resign from Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet yesterday for posting what she perceived as an "image of Rochester", the internet has helpfully volunteered some alternatives ideas.

Islington South and Finsbury MP Emily Thornberry sparked a furious backlash after posting the picture of the modern terraced house with three red and white Cross of St George flags - one bearing a West Ham United badge - and a white van parked in the drive, along with the message "Image from Rochester".

The tweet was seen by some as sneering at the working class, and provoked a furious response from social media users who branded it "snobbery."

Thornberry apologised for her social media gaffe after being given a dressing-down by Miliband and Labour later announced that she had resigned as shadow attorney general, but not before Twitter enthusiastically responded to the highly divisive political issue in typical sarcastic form:

In a statement released by the party last night, Thornberry said: "Earlier today I sent a tweet which has caused offence to some people.

"That was never my intention and I have apologised. However I will not let anything distract from Labour's chance to win the coming general election.

Miliband was reported to have "never been so angry" as when he gave close ally Thornberry her dressing down.

The Labour leader has recently faced accusations that his party is out of touch with its traditional working-class support and reflects the views of a liberal metropolitan elite.

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