24/11/2014 03:47 GMT | Updated 27/11/2014 12:59 GMT

Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2014 - Best Deals In The UK

If your computer screen is filled with "Black Friday this" and "Cyber Monday that" but you don't have half a clue what's going on then fear not dear internet friend, you're not alone.

Here, we set out to not only explain what Black Friday (28 November) and Cyber Monday (1 December) is, but we'll also share some of the best places to get a few crackalackin' shopping deals.

So what actually is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

It all began with Black Friday, which in the USA is the first Friday after Thanksgiving. According to Tech Radar "it represents a perfect storm for retailers as many people in the US have the day off, and as a result it's been the busiest shopping day of the year for nearly a decade."

We also have it under good authority that in the States, things get pretty fraught during this time. There are reported bust-ups between bargain hunters year on year. It's that big a deal...

Of course, with the competitive nature of retail, Black Friday means epic price reductions - and lots of them.

In an attempt to make a second wave from Black Friday, Cyber Monday was born - but catering to online retailers only.

Now there's just a long weekend of discounts and super cheap stuff from big name brands.

Of course, while us Brits may not be major Thanksgiving celebrators, we do love an opportunity to shop. What was once a simple shopping tradition in the US, has now spread its tentacles across the Atlantic. And we're jumping on the bandwagon too.


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Where are the best deals?

Our crystal ball is currently in storage, so we haven't been able to predict exactly which brands are going to be discounting what this year. But we do know that last year's contenders will most probably be upping their game.

You can expect to see some epic discounts from the likes of...

Tech & Gadgets





John Lewis



Halfords (20% off in car cameras and DVD players)

Fashion & Beauty

Kurt Geiger (20% off)

Superdrug (up to 70% off)



Forever 21

Motel Rocks



Urban Outfitters


Dorothy Perkins

Gifts (up to 30% off)


HotelTonight (Offering hotel rooms from £7 including Morton Hotel in London and Hotel La Tour in Birmingham)

So now that you've stocked up on crucial bargain hunting knowledge, bookmark your fave retailers and hit their stores on 28 November. If you're super organised, you'll make sure you get all of your Christmas presents bought on the day.

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