Black Friday Asda Woman Fights Off Everyone At Wembley Store For Flatscreen TV

This Woman Has Won Black Friday

We’re calling it early – this woman has hands down won Black Friday.

Our hero entered the fray in Asda’s Wembley superstore on Friday morning fuelled with the single-minded determination to get herself a bargain 40 inch flat screen TV AT ALL COSTS.

She is variously seen clinging to the item as warring shoppers attempt to drag it off, barging through crowds and at one point even losing her glasses and furry 'ruff' in the skirmishes.

Nothing comes between me and my TV: Asda Wembley on Friday morning

At one point she was caught on camera screaming: “What the hell” at another shopper, so determined was she to get her hands on those goods.

We don’t know if she managed her feat – but lady, we salute you for your sheer doggedness.


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