Nick Griffin Will Vote Ukip, Revealing Possibly Worst Political Endorsement Ever

Nick Griffin Just Gave Ukip The Worst Political Endorsement Ever

Nick Griffin - the former leader of the British National Party who refuses to go away - has given Ukip his political backing, for what it's worth.

In a couched tweet he said a vote for the party would be a step towards kicking out David Cameron but warned not to trust Nigel Farage.

He also said voting for Ukip would shake up the political system, something he failed miserably to do in his less than illustrious career.

He continued his tirade on Sunday with a tweet about GM crops.

Ukip and the BNP have an uneasy relationship as the former try to distance themselves from the far-right policies of the group while simultaneously welcoming their voters.

Brian Otridge, campaign manager for Ukip's North West Hampshire Branch, wrote earlier this year: "[Nick Griffin] never was very bright was he? BNP got 564,321 votes in GE2010 [General Election] and 943,598 in EE2009 [European Elections]. We should be picking up 50-75% of those now."

Simon Cressy, from the HOPE Not Hate campaign, told the Huffington Post UK: "There's an unspoken link between Ukip and the BNP, as it's widely accepted and they know it's the case that if people don't vote for the BNP, they'll vote for Ukip.

Farage himself has said he was "quite proud" of taking BNP votes.

Speaking in March, Farage acknowledged that some of his party's support came from the far-right but stressed Ukip had "no truck" with the BNP.

"What we did, starting with the Oldham by-election in the north of England, is for the first time try and deal with the BNP question by going out and saying to BNP voters; 'if you're voting BNP because you're frustrated, upset, with the changes in your community but you're doing it holding your nose because you don't agree with their racist agenda, come and vote for us'.

"I would think we have probably taken a third of the BNP vote directly from them, I don't think anyone has done more, apart from Nick Griffin on Question Time, to damage the BNP than Ukip and I am quite proud of that."


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