10/12/2014 12:32 GMT | Updated 12/12/2014 07:59 GMT

Social Experiment Involving Starving Homeless Man Shows That Kindness Is A Rarity

A video offering an insight into how people treat the homeless has emerged on YouTube.

Conducted by Vlad Reiser and Daniel Norlin, the brains behind NormelTV, the social experiment in Russia shows what happens when a homeless man tries to take a person's food from McDonalds.

The experiment goes like this: a guy goes to the toilet, leaving his McDonalds on the table and asks the people sat at the table next to him to watch over his food while he's gone.

Shortly after disappearing to 'do his business', another man enters who is visibly homeless and attempts to take the food from the table because he's starving.


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The reaction from those who are meant to be guarding the food ranges from negativity and violence...

homeless experiment

To kindness. With some people even offering to buy the homeless man a Big Mac or give him their own food.


At the end, all of the participants were briefed on the experiment.

The video got us thinking - what would we do if someone tried to steal another person's food that was left in our possession?

Obviously it's morally wrong for someone to steal, but to be abusive and aggressive towards a person in need is not the way to act.

The best way to approach this situation would be to offer to buy the homeless person food, as seen in the video. Yes, you'll be £2 out of pocket but a human being will be kept going for another night of their life.

Now winter has hit, it's even more important that we help others.

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