Russell Brand Left In Rare Moment Of Speechlessness By This Man On Question Time

Russell Brand was rendered momentarily speechless on Thursday's Question Time after an audience member suggested he stand for parliament.

It all began after Brand accused Nigel Farage of scapegoating the disabled.

He said: "There was an economic crash and a lot of money was lost. His mates in the City farted, Nigel Farage is pointing at immigrants and the disabled and holding his nose."

No-one was debating Farage pointing his finger at immigrants after he blamed them for a traffic jam on the M4 last week.

But an audience member holding a crutch took offence to Brand's accusations, saying: "I don’t like people preaching that I am in any part responsible for anything. I’ve never heard him criticise the disabled." Farage responded: "I never have."

The man then went on to accost Brand, telling him to stand for Parliament.

"You have the media profile for it. Do it."

The comedian and campaigner told the man that he would, but he was afraid of turning into "one of them".

This prompted boos from the audience, and Brand was left speechless when the man replied: "You've fought addiction and you've beaten it. You cannot preach that."

Obviously the blue-haired Bunny La Roche decided to interrupt, as she did twice during the broadcast.

She went on to say: "I live in South Thanet and I'm coming for you Farage, don’t you bloody worry."

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