17/12/2014 13:47 GMT | Updated 18/12/2014 08:59 GMT

Move Over Miliband, Nick Clegg Is Worse At Eating Things Than You

It seems Nick Clegg wasn't filled with Christmas cheer when he made festive treats with some schoolchildren.

The Liberal Democrat leader was cooking with year 5 students at Hallfield Primary School, where he was announcing improvements to his free school meals agenda.

nick clegg looking sad eating mince pie

We're used to the Deputy PM looking unhappy, but this is a new low.

Under the new scheme, all children in the first three years of school will be eligible for free lunch.

When Ed Miliband was snapped scoffing a bacon sandwich, everyone made fun of how ridiculous he looked.

But Clegg looks so depressed eating these mince pies that we feel a bit sorry for him.

clegg miliband eating