Hedge End Ukip Supporter Speaks About His Massive Flag

The Ukip-supporter behind this season's least festive Christmas decoration has spoken.

A house in Hedge End, Hampshire became infamous on Tuesday after its owner adorned an entire side with this... statement.

Homeowner and flag-flyer, Timothy "Dusty" Miller, 65, told the Southern Daily Echo: "How farcical is it that we are going to have a general election and still we have a government going down the road of making people think this is a democracy.

"It's not a democracy and everything is being done for us. I have sat for 40 years driving taxis listening and hearing people - they all feel helpless and they are not ready to say anything they believe because they feel they will pay somehow."

Miller, came in for a bit of stick for having his Union Flag upside down but claims it was deliberate to make the point that "UK is in distress".

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